May 6th 2004

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How long does it take to fill up 1 Gig of storage with spam? How well do Gmail’s junk filters work? Let’s find out! Spam my shiny new G-mail account at Give my address to spammers, newsletters, annoying people, whatever, and let’s see how long it takes!

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May 6, ’04
May 7, ’04
May 8, ’04
May 9, ’04
May 10, ’04
May 11, ’04
May 12, ’04
Delivered to Inbox
Messages Marked as Spam
Non-Spam Conversations
Actual Spam Messages
Total Number of Messages
Spam Filtering Accuracy
Total Space Used
1 MB
3 MB
4 MB
6 MB
8 MB
10 MB
16 MB

As of May 12, 2004, I am using 2% of 1000 MB (16 MB; Google math again). Lots ‘o messages pouring in today, and lots of new visitors to the site. A 3 MB attachment that alleges to be a movie about penis growth helped to bring the inbox size to 16 MB… at least I’m guessing that’s what the .wmv file was about. I didn’t watch it. I just read the title, I swear.

This brings up an interesting thought, though. A 3 MB movie would not get through to a Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail account. Could movies in your Gmail account be the future of spam? Larger mail box sizes certainly open of the door, but I hope we don’t see spam move in this direction.

The spam filters have not shown any improvement since yesterday, but we’ll see what happens. To Gmail’s credit, it did correctly filter a spam message from an individual who happens to share my uncle’s name. Keep spamming away at Got a story about Gmail and its spam filtering capabilities? Send that along, too!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 11, 2004, I am using 1% of 1000 MB (10 MB; actually 1% now, not Google’s 1%). And all it took was 1508 email messages! Today marks the first time I have begun marking messages as spam. A slight improvement is seen from yesterday, but it will be awhile before any pattern (if any) can be discerned. Keep those spams coming to and revel in my new chart that keeps track of my account on a daily basis.
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 10, 2004, I am using 1% of 1000 MB (8 MB). In total, I have received 1224 messages. Wow. That’s a lot of emails! 21 have been conversations that I would have wanted to receive (none of which were marked as spam. Gmail has yet to create a false positive.) 257 messages were filed to the spam folder. It missed 947 messages for an accuracy rate of 21.4%. I am going to begin to mark messages as spam and see if that makes any difference.
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 09, 2004, I am using 1% of 1000 MB (6 MB; Google’s math, not mine. I was “officially” using 1% of my space at 5 MB). I have now received 987 messages. 20 are conversations that I was interested in receiving. The rest I would consider to be junk mail. 198 messages were categorized as spam by Gmail. That means Gmail missed 769 messages, a 20.5% rate of accuracy. I have not yet categorized missed messages as spam in Gmail’s system, so if some sort of Bayesian filtering is used, that may account for the poor showing by the filters. If anyone has any further comments on this issue, please sell them along.

Some things of note: Gmail does show targeted text advertisements on some messages it marks as spam. Free for all links pages generate a ridiculous amount of junk mail, and even though many of these messages have a similar structure (with the same heading at the top of all messages), some are categorized as spam automatically, some are not. 128 message contain the word “unsubscribe.” Keep spamming away at!!!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 08, 2004, I am using 0% of 1000 MB (4 MB). If this were a Yahoo! Mail account, it would have been full today. (Really puts into perspective how quickly your address can be spread!) I have received 527 messages total. 16 were actual conversations. The rest were emails that I wouldn’t necessarily want to read. Only 114 of these messages have been marked as spam, however, meaning that Gmail is catching 22% of what I consider spam “out of the box.” I have not been marking messages as spam in the system at this point.

Some interesting notes: Messages containing “ADV:” and “adv:” in the subject are not automatically classified as spam, even though many U.S. states have laws stating that commercial messages will contain these strings in the subject field. One other Gmail user has reported problems with Yahoo! Groups messages being marked as spam, even after they have told Gmail that messages from their group is not spam. Anyone else with similar problems? Spam me now at!!!!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 07, 2004, I am using 0% of 1000 MB (3 MB). Keep those messages coming! 194 Messages have been delivered to my inbox. 13 have been actual conversations. The spam filter caught 84 messages. None appear to be false positives. But my favorite message tells me that defeating the spirit of Jezebel is possible! Whew! Thank goodness. Spam me now!!!!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 06, 2004, I am using 0% of 1000 MB (1 MB). Starting to make a dent! 140 Messages have been delivered to my inbox. 9 have been actual conversations. 40 claim to allow you to unsubscribe, and 12 claim to be commercial messages. The rest seem to be unwanted. The spam filter caught 66 messages. None appear to be false positives, and the spam controls filter the GTUBE test string as spam. Spam me now!!!!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

As of May 05, 2004, I am using 0% of 1000 MB. Spam me now!!!!
With love,
Aaron Pratt

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